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[Partner]Job opportunities in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

Greetings on behalf of our entire team at Express Employment Professionals at Howell, NJ! Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2021, with clear path to success! This morning in our office, we were discussing the incredible amount of job opportunities in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Our local companies persevered through the challenging year, pivoted, and are hiring new talent every day. They have worked out attractive payrates and benefit packages and are investing in people’s training and skills. This is a great time to land a brand-new career opportunity. We literally have all kinds of jobs under the sun, in the office and industrial setting. Just some examples:

  • Document processing $18/hr

  • Bookkeeper - $25/hr

  • General Laborer - $15/hr

  • Delivery Driver - $18/hr

If you are interested in these job positions, please contact

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