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Established in 1998 with the mission of delivering training to professionals, as well as those looking to advance their skills to the professional level, the Avtech Institute of Technology has more than succeeded in attaining this goal.


We deliver learning solutions to support customers as they adapt to key business transformations and technological advancements that drive the way that organizations around the world differentiate themselves and thrive.


Our learning programs, whether designed for a global organization or an individual professional, help businesses close skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development.

We can improve the performance of your workforce and make your organization operate more effectively. Our Corporate Training Services offer courses that provide insight, skills, and tools for individual and organizational improvement. These programs are designed to fit the dynamics and needs of your changing workplace.   


Designed to:


  • Increase employee productivity

  • Increase employee retention

  • Increase job satisfaction

  • Improve your company’s bottom line by producing a highly knowledgeable and effective workforce

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