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With technology changing at lightning speed, it's difficult today to maintain a staff

skilled in all fields of Internet technology. Often, solutions demand expertise from

specialized disciplines that are not readily available in a company's internal


Data analysis is a method in which data is collected and organized so that one can

derive helpful information from it. This type of data collection involves watching or

observing something or someone.

We provide top-notch UI/UX development services. Get an eye-catching look and

feel for your solutions, increase your user interaction and drive sales. Our skilled

and creative UX/UI development team has 9+ years of proven experience in web

application development. 

Avtech has strong presence in software IT development services. We have been

helping many of our Fortune 500 companies for their IT needs such as program

management, product management, business analyst, Data Analyst, QA

automation etc.

AVTECH delivers virtualized solutions across the data center. Many customers have

begun to understand the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure. Whether you are

just starting to implement virtualization or have deployed it across your server,

storage and network infrastructure.

The relationships and partnerships that we build with our clients begins with

honesty and integrity. We leverage our industry knowledge to   fulfill our clients’

needs so that we can provide the absolute best service to our clients.

Our team has an extensive knowledge of how the search engines work. We do in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of your website. 

AVTECH provides Strategy, Global consulting and advisory services; ranging from

project implementation, production support and application management of the

SAP platform.

CRO Clinical Trail and SAS Consulting​Services Scope: Our teams are ready to work for you! We are focused on your issues and we’ll bring the solutions right to you.

You can count on AVTECH Technology Inc Risk Management Team, as your most

trusted partner in identifying, analyzing and finding innovative solutions for your

business challenges.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in creating custom enhancements

and new applications that work directly with your financial software.

Consulting Procedure

Selecting an Information System

Choosing the right underlying information systems, both at the application and infrastructure level, is the backbone to ensuring you can meet the strategic needs of your business. Working closely with you, AVTECH presents a clear vision of the state of your current and future enterprise architecture. Our philosophy is based on the realization that business processes and their supporting applications and systems can only be fully understood, implemented, supported and improved by understanding their inter-dependencies.

Information Systems Assessment 


AVTECH technology consultants will work jointly with you to understand your overall corporate strategy and business objectives. This assessment will provide you high-level insight into the current state of your enterprise architecture and how this current state will meet the needs of your corporate strategic vision. The output of the assessment is a transformation road map that defines your priorities and creates optimal timelines and value propositions.

Business and Technical Requirements Gathering


Prioritized business requirements for the implementation of your future information technology solutions are required to ensure that you choose the appropriate technology to meet your company’s needs. AVTECH will work with you by facilitating sessions with your business unit stakeholders. The outcome of the business and technical requirements gathering is a list of processes and requirements that are turned into a specification document which is used as the benchmark for future technology implementations and/or optimizations.

Search Engine Optimization

Clinical SAS Analysis

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