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AVTECH offers comprehensive remote and on-site tech support for small and medium-sized businesses as an alternative to maintaining a full-time IT department. Increase your productivity with their flexible options that are designed to fit into your own unique business culture. Doing so gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on doing what your business does best since you know that your IT infrastructure is secure and up-to-date.


There is Help for Your Business if You Have IT Issues


Problems with your IT equipment can crop up unexpectedly, and often when you can least accommodate them. They can range from successfully integrating new software into your existing system to a system-wide server error with an unknown trigger as well as many other types of issues. With AVTECH, a managed service provider, or MSP, you have access to top-notch IT services that are customized to your needs. For a flat monthly fee that is tied to each of the computers or servers that are within your environment, you receive unlimited support online. You also receive scheduled on-site support to ensure that your technology equipment is maintained.


Customize a Plan to Work With Your Unique Needs


Effectively managing your IT infrastructure is critical if your business is to stay competitive in this global economy. Utilizing a MSP to handle your IT issues ensures that you have access to the type of support you need, when you need it. With two tiers of online support available — 9am – 6pm Monday – Friday or 24/7/365 — you can choose the option that best fits your needs. Unlike most other MSP firms, AVTECH’ included and regularly scheduled onsite support keeps your entire IT infrastructure running optimally and efficiently.


Saving you time, money and stress is the goal behind the fixed price MSP offered by AVTECH. They provide a full roster of cutting-edge services that are designed to keep your business running smoothly today — and for the long term.


8 Big Reasons Why Businesses In The NY/NJ Metro Area Outsource Their IT Support To AVTECH IT Consulting:


1. Comprehensive Security Focus

Other companies use only anti-virus and firewalls, which is not enough protection against today’s threats. At AVTECH IT Consulting, we are experts in layering innovative security pieces in your network, which guarantees your protection against ransomware, keeping your data and your business safe from hackers and other criminals. We even go the extra step of addressing the silent threat INSIDE your network: your employees. We help educate your employees on current trends and proper security protocol. We guarantee 100% protection from ransom-ware. Plus if you are ever infected, we will pay for it to be resolved.


2. You’ll Get A Professional Team, Not A “One-Man-Band”

Many IT businesses only have a few technicians on staff, which means you might be left waiting for hours or even DAYS to get your computer problems resolved because they’re short staffed or too busy trying to serve all their clients.


3. In House Help Desk & Our Phones Are Answered Live!

Our Help Desk is located in New Jersey and is in-house. We do not outsource our support. We are dedicated in providing you with the best support and service in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. We answer our phones live and have you connect with an available technician within minutes or a call back within 15 minutes.


4. Excellent Response Time And Increase In Up time

We understand that having a technology challenge is stressful for the entire office. That’s why we make it our #1 priority to respond and resolve your issues in 1 hour or less, guaranteed. If you do not see an increase in your uptime by 20% each month, you will not pay for that month. Ultimately, our clients experience 99% uptime.


5. Exclusive, Customized Roadmap

You will have quarterly meetings with us, where you’ll be able to clearly SEE the results that investing in technology have had on your business. Our IT management program increases your productivity and employee satisfaction, while saving you money overall.



We are big on customer service, and we want you to understand everything that we are doing. We will go out of our way to educate you on your technology provide you with tips on how to be more efficient, and protected.


7. Hardware Included In All Plans

One of the biggest issues is having a network that is not fully upgraded and using the latest in technology. We at AVTECH IT have found a way to upgrade all of your equipment, including network, workstations, servers, and more by having 1 simple flat rate price per month. What this means is that you will never run on outdated technology, and will always have a brand new system every three years. Why pay more when you can pay less over time and also have a full 100% tax deduction each month.


8. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is the best part! We here at AVTECH IT are so confident in our services and team that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Make no mistake you will not see many IT companies do this. We have a full 90-day money back guarantee. Give us a try and see why so many businesses now cannot live without us!


Is Your Business Dealing with a Flood of IT Issues?

We’ll clean up your IT tickets, support your team on all tech implementation, and fix your recurring IT issues — right from our office in New Jersey.

  • Local computer tech support , 24/7/365

  • A guaranteed level of service with a contract to compensate for downtime

  • Support for all technology & software projects

  • Disaster recovery and backup from local servers in New Jersey

  • Average ticket resolution times of only 22 minutes


A 40-60% reduction in IT ticket volumes of within the first 3 months

For over 22 years, we’ve been helping businesses with tech support in New Jersey, New York by reducing IT costs and reducing overall ticket volumes.



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