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Management Analyst

Avtech Technology Inc

Job Responsibilities Include:

· Conduct Company’s class, district program and project assessments within general education, special education, and social/emotional/behavior education classrooms; provide progress report and analysis to management.

· Analyze company’s current and future projects and programs’ requirement, prioritize most profitable projects by allocating resources; optimize training performance by analyzing and matching clients with suitable classes.

· Conduct monthly consultation team meeting to discuss progress, status and direction of projects with teachers

· Develop reports of progress and employment market of different careers.

· Fidelity of consultation process through our service delivery model for every single student.

· Develop class, program and project report systems and procedures to analyze and assess performance, manage timelines and deliverables of teachers.

· Provide students and districts with the highest quality support by utilizing assessments, analyzing student performance data, review examination results, assess class difficulty levels, and provide adjustment about class selection and schedule accordingly.

· Gather and organize information about the problem to be solved or the procedure to be improved. Categorizing and standardizing regulatory document content, managing data, and estimating scopes of work to assist with to project planning.

· Collaborate with different department manager across various functions (finance, operations, marketing, among others) to develop analytical insights and solve complex problems Contributing to the rollout of new initiatives by creating communications and educational resources

· Analyze clients and students’ feedback, collect competitor and other commercial data, propose and recommend new management systems, procedures, or organizational changes; Confer with managers to ensure changes are working;

· Make recommendations to management through presentations or written reports; Collaborate with other departments to drive analyses and insights that lead to more informed decisions and improved business performance.


• Minimum of bachelor degree in Marketing/Business, Master preferred

• Strong experience in Campaign Operations or Campaign Management

• management tools such as Unica/Siebel or similar as well as SQL, Excel, and MS SQL/Oracle

• Proven experience within a Marketing Operations and Strategy background, as well as the ability to take raw data and turn it into a customer journey

• Excellent project management and time management skills with the ability to provide strategic analytics and insights to stakeholders

Formal: Full-time. Annual Wage, performance review se-mi year.

Hours: Day Shift Monday through Friday 40 Hrs, Per Week (not included weekend administration meeting)

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