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Software Developer

Avtech Technology, NJ

Position: Software Developer

Location: Suite 350, 50 Cragwood Rd, South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Job Type: Full-time / Part-time

About the Job


AVTECH designs and develops software solutions that power Fortune 500 businesses, mid-sized companies and state government. AVTECH also works with major organizations such as Oracle, Novartis, Microsoft, and CompTIA around the United States helping their IT professionals to learn and use technology.


AVTECH Technology Inc is looking for professional Java developers to join our IT Solutions team to implement an advanced multi-functional student system for our clients. The system will include authentication, authorization and business modules, as well as RESTful APIs and microservice APIs, such as online learning, online testing, online chat, online help, online payments and more. Student users can use this system to search for school information, participate in online courses, submit applications and track application processes. Advisors and faculty users can use the system to supervise and assist students with knowledge learning and application completion.


  • Collaborate with others to define roadmaps, write clear user stories, design and build solutions using clearly defined acceptance criteria.

  • Develop and maintain dynamic object-oriented application code with a strong emphasis on architectures and design patterns.

  • Design and develop RESTful and microservice APIs in conjunction with others;

  • Integrate microservice and automate the deployment of microservices on cloud platforms.

  • Ensure the quality, performance, robustness and scalability of the microservice APIs.

  • Develop and deliver the automation software needed to build and improve the functionality, reliability of applications and could platforms.


Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Computer Science.

Mail resume and cover letter to: AVTech Technology Inc., 50 Cragwood Road, Suite 350,South Plainfield, NJ 07080.

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